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In Move Mining Next Gen, students from grades K-12 create and submit short, 3-minute videos to answer the question, “Why is mining important in our lives?”  There are prizes for a grades K-5 category ($250), a grades 6-8 category ($250) and a grades 9-12 category ($250), as well as an overall winner ($1,000). Minerals are categorized based on their chemical composition. (2010). Pagel-Theisen, V. (1972) Diamanten-Fibel: Handbuch der Diamanten-Graduierung. ; However, some minerals, such as diamonds, can be manufactured by humans. Diamonds are usually coloures, some are tinged yellow, some blue, brown, green, pink and even black. 403, pp. (in Dutch). Bulletins of the Geological Survey of Victoria No. (1995) Nierite (Si3N4), a new mineral from ordinary and enstatite chondrites. Bureau of Mines Mineral Trade Notes (Jan 1948). 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