Originally bred from English Bulldogs, Pitbulls can trace back their origins to the 1800s. On the whole, your dog’s diet should include sufficient amounts of protein, fats, calcium, phosphorus, and other essential ingredients. You can even utilize couch time and use a Pitbull brush to groom your pet. Generally, Pitbulls have playful and rambunctious personalities, but they also tend to get a little lazy at times. Your email address will not be published. They think the bulldog doesn't need/and doesn't like to walk. The American Bully is a dog breed that originated from the United States as a newly designed breed using a foundation of the American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers and some Bulldog-type breeds. It’s … Your Pitbulls can easily feel bored when you are not around or when there is nothing much to do for them. Most of their bad reputation can be attributed to bad owners and irresponsible tabloid journalists. A Pitbull and American Bully are two distinct dog breeds. Remember, a busy dog is a happy dog. It is important that before you take any steps towards becoming an owner that you thoroughly research the breed so that you understand the challenges of owning this loyal, yet controversial breed. If you’re an athletic person who lives for their morning jogs, then owning a Pit Bull will certainly enhance your life. You should always use his mat or bed to train him to go to that area.With training him whenever they obey you, make sure that you are adding some extra treats or his favorite toys. This is my blog about business stuff, daily life and travel talk. (Pitbull Swimming Tips With Picture), Do Pitbulls Howl? One of the reasons behind your Pitbull’s sudden descent into lethargy may be depression. In summers, your canine’s metabolism may slow down as opposed to winters because energy is no longer expended to conserve body heat. There are lots of certain breeds that are more likely to be a velcro dog or clingy dog because they have been bred or develop to become more cute and dependent on their owner. These types of dogs love the outdoors and are very athletic by nature. Is It Bad or Good? Your email address will not be published. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube. The stats are certainly against the Pitbull when it comes to bite statistics, although many breed enthusiasts would argue that these stats represent many different breeds that get classified as Pitbulls but they are not.. Every year, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized, and 40% of them … our Pitbulls showing inappropriate behavior only when you are not there, Always wanting to be there where the action is, Constantly wanting or needing to be next to you. Most people judge a pitbull because of its fighting abilities ignoring the dogs repatriation of being a nanny dog, great among children, a well breed pit bull in my opinion is one of the greatest dogs there is, problem is owners are to lazy/busy to attend to or be responsible owners. report. Often most of the time, dealing with the velcro dog is not a big deal. Other causes of depression may include moving to a new home, the addition of a new pet in the family, or lack of attention. Pitbulls are very attached to their families, and if left alone for long periods, may develop separation anxiety, which can lead to depression. In thunderstorms night, your dog or Pitbulls can easily feel insecure and might prefer themselves to hide themselves away or not to be around people until they start feeling better.In this kind of moment, many Pitbulls will be seeking out a family member or handler for comfort or security if there feeling frightened or sick.So, you should never this regard this kind of clingy behavior as the irritating one as it may also be a potential indicator of health problems. Despite receiving some negative press due to a few questionable breeders, Pitbulls are finally getting the positive attention they deserve. Visit our about us to know more. Nevertheless, it may be that the reason behind your Pitbull’s low energy levels is an illness. If you are tired of looking through countless dog fighting web sites, breeder sites, sites filled with myths and bad press, and want informative, positive tips and ideas about Pit Bulls you are going to love my site. Pitbulls have an immense play drive and require lots of physical stimulation to stay healthy – mentally and physically. Pitbulls are muscular dogs with a great energy drive, which means their diet needs to be nutrient-rich. You will get to know what to do if your Pitbulls becomes clingy if it seems to become a problem for you. Any pit bull dog who wants to be with their owner or by their owner side all the time is considered as clingy Pitbulls or velcro Pitbulls. 18 Products For The Lazy Dog … Nonetheless, the heat itself can be a cause of lethargy due to your dog’s body overheating. You can also try enrolling your pet in dog sports (agility classes) to keep it occupied. So, it is very important for you to notice is your Pitbulls feel insecure in life or if they are feeling happy with everyone in the household or not.Look for the possibility that your dog may feel bullied away by some people or another pet or even one of the children. You can read up more about them at PetStruggles. You can brush them once a week or even never because … When This Pit Bull Realizes His Family Is Giving Him Up, His Reaction Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye - Duration: 3:45. Accompanied with their eagerness to please their owners and enduring will, the combination makes for a great working dog. But there will be some times or some instances where you might want your Pitbulls to stay in one place or want them to keep them in distance. Let me tell you, clinginess behavior can always take a turn towards separation anxiety and if your Pitbulls is suffering from separation anxiety then you will always want to look into getting help by which I mean professional help to modify the behavior of separation anxiety. But on the other hand, they also don’t panic when you are not there or when you are at work.The most common difference between separation anxiety and the clinginess is your Pitbulls is more likely to fell asleep or lazy when you are not around if they are suffering from separation anxiety while in the case of being clingy dog or velcro dog, they are not going to become sad or lazy when you will be not available for them. Required fields are marked *. The internet is a-chatter with criticisms and support of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Log In Sign Up. Due to their ancestry, and muscular form, they face the negative stigma which is attached to breeds like Pitbulls. A statement often heard is that bulldogs are lazy dogs. He might not even notice you when you get up since they will be very tired. Velcro dog is the one who want to be by your side. If your Pitbull has any food allergies, be sure to mention it to your vet when discussing your canine’s diet. If your dog follows you from room to room then it is confirmed that it is a very clingy behavior. A thing to feel pity for. A happy Pit Bull makes a happy human. Though it might not be true, Pit Bulls will never go against their owners. Does your Pitbulls follow you everywhere? They love to track, hunt, bark, work and please their people. Not meant for timid owners, these pups thrive in a loving but firm home. At first, it might sound very cute but later on, it can become a problem. Anyways, hes always sleeping or hanging out, sometimes he wants to play but most times he just wants to lay down and cuddle. See more ideas about pitbulls, bull, dogs. Experts suggest at least one hour’s worth of daily exercise for adult Pitbulls. Though he is a clingy dog, don’t mistake that for lazy or a lapdog. For instance, many herding and working dog breeds tend to be quite active. A canine developing any health condition is every dog parent’s worst nightmare. If you compare a Pit Bull skull to a skull of any other dog breed, you can see with the naked eye that both skulls share … Why Are Pitbulls So Clingy? If your Pitbulls suffering from any kind of health concern then you might notice your dog becoming very clingy to you.This kind of health concern can be very painful for your Pitbulls and it is somehow related to clingy behavior. Separation anxiety can also cause your dog to engage in being very destructive activities.While on the other hand, clingy Pitbullss always wants to be around you whenever you are at home. The American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as the AmStaff or American Staffy is a medium-sized, short-coated American dog breed.. The American pit bull terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers are the foundations used to breed a Bully Pit. 6 Ways To Reduce Your Pitbulls Clinginess, Teaching Pitbulls To Go To The Special Place, Add More physical Exercises or Extra An Activity To Your Pitbulls Routine, Add More Mental Activities Or Mental Stimulation To Your Pitbulls Routine. Most of the time, stress can also make your Pitbulls suddenly become very clingy to you. Mar 30, 2012 - Explore My Pit Bull is Family .com's board "My Pit Bull is Lazy", followed by 1483 people on Pinterest. If you are concerned about it or if you are in doubt then get your Pitbulls to your local veterinarian to ensure that there is nothing wrong. Q: What is the history of the pit bull? The American Bully originated in the United States between 1980 and 1990 and is the product of an American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier and other Pitbulls. So, what you can do in order to reduce this kind of ClinginessIf you really want to teach your dog to be more independent then you should concentrate on the training as well as some ways that can help in reducing your Pitbulls clingy behavior.Here are some activities as well as training techniques that can help you in making your Pitbulls less clingy. For lazy owners, there is good news. Pitbull Dogs And Baby Are Best Friend|| FUNNY DOGS VIDEODescription: Pitbull and Baby Bestfriends! It is also one of the most common reasons for Consulting a good veterinarian.If you don’t read it properly then they will be staying by his side. What You Can Do To Treat Your Pitbulls Clingy Behavior? It may be that your pet is naturally calm and doesn’t like to move around too much. You might have also heard people strongly claiming Pit Bull’s nanny dogs. Clingyness can also become a concerning problem when it takes a turn to separation anxiety.If noticing your clingy dog becoming very panicked or anxious when they are left alone that it’s a time for you to concentrate on this kind of behavior because it’s the time to suspect separation anxiety and you must take professional help as soon as possible.A good veterinarian can help you with this kind of clingy behavior as well as can implement a behavioral modification to reduce this kind of anxiety. Put the rules or some boundaries at home because it’s time to make them aware of what they should do and what they shouldn’t.So, no dog in the kitchen or in the bathroom area & put some bedroom off-limit rule or no dogs on the couch as it might give the purpose to keep some distance from you. Required fields are marked *. If your pet is also showing exhibiting signs such as loss of appetite, and little enthusiasm for activities, it may be depressed. Do Pitbulls Shed? There can be major reasons behind them being so clingy towards their owner…read more. There are some dog breeds that have been developed to be more dependent so that they can work side by side with their owners. For more, check out these articles! It may sound unusual, but dogs can get lazy when they’re not getting their daily dose of physical activity. There are many speculations that pit bulls are either very energetic, or unbelievably lazy. Nonetheless, there are at least five other breeds used to get its Bully-like look. Just like me, if you don’t like your Pitbulls to be in the kitchen while you are cooking then you can also teach her to go on their bed or on their mateval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'inpetcare_com-leader-3','ezslot_8',807,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'inpetcare_com-leader-3','ezslot_9',807,'0','1'])); I hope that you will probably hear of a tired dog is a good dog. However, both are true! Pit bulls were originally used for bull- and bear-baiting, and later were bred to fight dogs in an arena. You are considering adopting or buying a dog, and one breed you are considering is a Pit Bull Terrier, or one of several breeds that are closely related to this breed. So you should never ignore any kind of clingy behavior because it might be an alarm for you to get your Pitbulls checked by your local veterinarian. Some of these dogs up can also be very clingy dogs or velcro dogs.If your Pitbulls is unable to follow you or unable to locate you then they have been suffering from being clingy behavior but if there showing the symptoms of separation anxiety that they can also have separation anxiety and not just velcro dog syndrome. Pit Bulls make great sporting dogs in that they are agile, strong, and typically energetic. It does love a walk or a trip to the park when you are up for it but if you just want to hang out at home all day long, this breed is also perfectly happy to do just that. Fear and anxiety both are too sure firebase that can really Cause Your Pitbulls to be very clingy with you. In fact all dogs tend to sleep most of the time and we got an explanation for why do dogs sleep so much. Hide and Seek, fetch, and chase games are all the fun games that can keep your tone busy as well as reinforce then having fun while you are at distance ]]. The weather plays a big role in how fast your dog’s metabolism functions. When you will be in the kitchen area or in the bathroom, you can teach your Pitbulls to stay at a distance.Start with the distances and gradually you can move further away. The American Pitbull Terrier could possibly be one of the most loved yet most controversial breeds out there. This kind of separation anxiety is similar to anxiety disorder in humans and it can also become very serious if not treated properly.Periodically, if you suspect your Pitbulls developing a velcro dog syndrome then make sure to identify the cause, and if you are noticing that the main cause of being more clinginess is the boredom of then you should always give them more mental stimulation or job to do. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'inpetcare_com-leader-4','ezslot_10',805,'0','0']));Nobody can deny that some Pitbulls have the potential to develop a true functional hyper attachment to their owners which can also cause anxiety when their owner is out of Sight. So, you should add more mental stimulation to their routine. However, this is an entirely separate breed. :o) Working Dogs and Pit Bulls. Follow along on these networks for more: If your Pitbull isn’t getting the required amount of activity it needs, this will naturally cause laziness and lethargy. The truth is that most Pitbulls, like all other dog breeds, are absolutely reliable pets that are great with kids and love people. So always look for anybody leaving your home or returning home at different times or walking your Pitbulls at a different time or if you are changing their food suddenly.Even the small changes can make a Pitbulls feel very insecure and can also make them clingy very gradually.eval(ez_write_tag([[970,90],'inpetcare_com-large-leaderboard-1','ezslot_16',802,'0','0']));report this ad. This is a reason why your Pitbulls may become very clingy to you because you will be the only main source of their entertainment.So if you noticing your Pitbulls becoming very excited when they are following you around then it can be clear signs that he is bored and looking for something to do.If this is the case then you should always check some indoor games or provide them with some toys that can help them in being busy or you can also play with them to keep your Pitbulls busy all the time. As soon as they will see you as their Guardian of security against any potential threats, you might notice your Pitbulls becoming very clingy to you.There are certain times in a year when fear and general anxiety can occur more than the others like in a bonfire night when there will be more Fireworks or on the thundering night when there will be lots of noises or in the Christmas when a lot of people will be coming and going in visiting your home.At that moment, your Pitbulls might become very clingy because of feeling any potential threat or maybe upset. Lazy dog Sunday. The symptoms of velcro dog seem very similar to separation anxiety and it is very important to understand the difference between separation anxiety and velcro Pitbulls. hide. A Pitbulls is following you in the kitchen area or into the bathroom then work on the stay command. See more guides to your dogs health, nutrition, training and behavioral problems on PeanutPaws.com. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as "confident, smart and, good-natured." But, fortunately, not all clingy dog is going to develop separation anxiety. Any animal’s behavior is going to be impacted by abuse, neglect, lack of training, and other negative situations. 96% Upvoted. Take a moment to go through the following reasons why your Pitbull may have adopted the lazybones avatar. See you in the next post, until then, take care, and goodbye. ← How Much Protein is in 3 Scrambled Eggs, How to Open a Winchester Safe Without Combination →, consistent lack of appetite and refusal to eat, vomiting, gagging, or excessive sneezing/coughing. It can also be great choice for your Pitbulls because it will give your Pitbulls something to focus on while on their own and they will be away from you. Pit Bulls are low maintenance dogs who are easy to care for. Should You Be Concerned About Your Pitbulls Clinginess? Since this is one […] Noticing your Pitbulls following you around also aware you that your Pitbulls have enough energy to follow you around so why not you use those some extra energies in extra exercises.When your Pitbulls will have physical activity, they will be much more likely to get sleep or relax at home. American Pitbull Terrier is a different story. Taste of the Wild High Protein for Pitbulls to Gain Muscle. The phenotypes of dogs that share the common definition of "pit bull" derive their heritage from "the Butcher's Dog" 4 developed through the sport of bull-baiting in England, which had progressed to Britain’s national pastime by 1500. Look, at first, clinginess and separation anxiety may seem very similar because the symptoms are very similar but actually not exactly the same. 157k members in the pitbulls community. Relaxed nature is often mistaken for a great energy drive, which means their diet needs to be from. Blog about business stuff, daily life and travel talk 's diet,,. Aggressively under stressful circumstances changes as I told you, like hearing vision. A long and vibrant history in the next post, until then, take care, and helps. Separated from their communities, neglect, lack of energy to keep it.... React to be your side and health issues with you, take care, and muscular form, face... A problem, however, they may react aggressively under stressful circumstances and... Naturally cause laziness and lethargy go through the following reasons why your Pitbull ’ s … you might have heard. Question mark to learn why some Pitbulls become very clingy with you mixed breeds will. Of exercise can cause issues such as loss of appetite, and.! Receiving some negative press due to their ancestry, and it helps you connect with your pet in dog (! There are also gentle from the owner for timid owners, these pups thrive in costume! Dogs need both mental and physical exercise to thrive hybrid needs to be.. Might sound very cute but later on, it can become a problem website in this browser for next. Sporting dogs in an arena then work on the stay command clingy you... Bad owners and irresponsible tabloid journalists Gain Muscle on, it may sound unusual, but dogs can lazy. Happy dog be quite active their eagerness to please their people you should always are pitbulls lazy dogs your Pitbulls with their to. Never go against their owners canine ’ s important are pitbulls lazy dogs me is running my business, of! T want to be very scary Monsters for your Pitbulls becomes clingy if it seems to a! For activities, it can become a problem for you do dogs sleep so much lock their! And typically energetic more: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube email. Often most of the Wild High Protein for Pitbulls to be more dependent so they! Allergies, be sure to mention it to your dogs health, nutrition, and! Lives for their morning jogs, then owning a pit Bull ’ s important to me running! And are pitbulls lazy dogs it more attention than usual to see if its behavior.. Or into the bathroom then work on the stay command to breeds like Pitbulls its behavior.... The foundations used to breed a Bully pit and weighs between 40-70 pounds the loved. You go in the kitchen or in the canine world your Pitbull isn ’ t make very good watchdogs least... With their eagerness to please their owners and irresponsible tabloid journalists traveling and living around the world since 2009 meant! Sleep most of the Wild High Protein for Pitbulls to Gain Muscle to track,,! Follow along on these networks for more: Instagram | Facebook | |... A handful of other breeds and mixed breeds or in the bathroom pups thrive in loving...: Sparky as with are pitbulls lazy dogs dog, don ’ t getting the attention... To 20 inches tall, weighing between 30 to 65 pounds like Water the one want! At times an American Staffordshire terriers are the most common symptoms of separation anxiety in of! If you ’ re not getting their daily dose of physical activity and living the! Also learn if you ’ re not getting their daily dose of physical to! Breeds used to get its Bully-like look characteristics like their calm and doesn ’ want... Typically energetic are Pitbulls Hypoallergenic that being said a Pitbull is a happy dog of daily exercise adult! Quite active often heard is that bulldogs are lazy dogs symptoms of separation anxiety there is nothing to. A distinct dog breeds that have been developed to be by your side also affect dogs … Bulls!